Monday, February 20, 2012

Still in Memphis...

Well I am still in Memphis because I have not received my work visa.  Last weekend was the NICS job fair.  I went to check out possibilities for next year in case I don't receive my visa.  I found a couple schools that I'm interested in and I am praying that God will make the decision clear of what I am to do next year.  But in the mean time I am doing catering for Chick-fil-A and working a couple days a week at Eddie Bauer.  
My friends and I are planning a few things for this spring that I am very much looking forward to. One of the things we are planning is a group to get together to serve around our city.  We are gathering ideas of places we can serve, then we will arrange dates and times for these events.  It is time that we stop just attending church and Bible study and start to live out our faith.

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