Saturday, September 10, 2011

End of Week 4 of school.

We have just finished the 4th week of school.  This was a short week, because Wednesday was Brazilian independence day and Thursday was a 1/2 day.  Thursday and Friday were Parent teacher conferences.  Those went well.  It would be nice if we could get the air conditioner in my classroom working because it gets really hot.  I guess it's a good thing that I'm not in there very long. (From:  7:30 - 8:30, 9:45 - 11:25, and 1:00 - 3:00)   It is just so hard for the kids to focus when it is so hot.
AVA is still in need of several teachers.  And those of us who are here are still in need of our work visas.  I have everything in for mine except the background check.  I had the background check but it expired...grrrrr.  This week, Marj (school secretary) took me, Carly and Kathleen to get fingerprints done at the federal police.  They have now been sent off for the background check.  Hopefully these come back soon so we can send in for the visa.
There are 3 missionary families who live in the neighborhood next to the school who have been more helpful than anyone else.  They let us us their internet and their Vonage phone.  They even feed us so we don't starve.  :)
Oh yeah, I can't forget...I GOT A MICROWAVE!!!! Now left-overs won't go bad before i can eat them.

Guess that's all for now!

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