Thursday, July 28, 2011

4 days and counting!

I GOT MY VISA!!!!!!!  

After freaking out for the past few days that I did not have my visa yet, I got a call yesterday from the folks up in Virginia who were working on the visa for me that they had received it and that it would be over-nighted to me.  Daddy called around 11 today to say that it was at the house, so no more freaking out.  I knew that God was in control of the situation with whole time, so I don't know why I was worried.  

This week has been crazy trying to see people before I leave. 
Monday --  I went to Chuck E Cheese with Katie and Thomas, I helped Robin with her room at school, Mom and I went shopping. Tuesday -- I went to Pei Wei with Sharaze for lunch, then I helped Diane clean up the house for Habitat for Hope, and Catherine took me  to the teacher store where I got monkeys for my room, then dinner at Grandma's house.
Wednesday -- My favorite sister and I went running around all over the place (Chick-fil-a for lunch, and other stuff)  Robin came over to help me pack (sort-of) -- I did, however, find the books I wanted in the many boxes in the 100 degree attic -- then dinner with Niki at Fuji Cafe.  Mmm sushi!
Here it is Thursday -- I ate lunch with Holly at La Hacienda.  I still have a ton to do i'm going to Chili's with Sarah then Mom is helping me to finish packing (hopefully finish).  
Then there comes Friday, Saturday and Sunday which are all equally as busy as the rest of this week has been.  Maybe I can sleep on the plane!

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  1. Yay! So glad it came in! Wish I was there to see you off but I know you'll be fabulous! Can't wait to read your next update!